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Whether you are a recent graduate who needs to learn the fundamentals, or a seasoned professional who wants to hone and refresh skills or change practice areas, Kin Advantage online courses are an easy way to get just what you need.

The, ‘Advantage’, in KinAdvantage education is that our courses are created by health professionals with years of real world experience. Professionals who have been sharing their hard earned expertise teaching face to face courses, but are now taking that expertise into a new realm.

Kin Advantage’s first online offering – Worksite Assessments – and the soon to follow Physical and Cognitive Demands Analyses – are the tip of the iceberg as we take our real world virtual.

Our modular approach to online learning is flexible and self-paced to suit all learning styles. Take a bite at a time and digest slowly or dig into the buffet its entirely up to you.

You will find our courses peppered with practical tips, cautions, skill building exercises, and points to remember all included to make the learning curve less steep.  Check out our available courses and the coming soon options.  Happy learning.

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Worksite Assessments

Assessing the Workplace

KinAdvantage  starts this course by explaining the spectrum of work assessments and the elements that can be part of those assessments. Our goals are to help you select the right assessment for the job, and to give you a road map for performing a valid, reliable worksite assessment.

Read more.

The Ergonomic Solutions Series

ergonomic solutions online courseThe ultimate goal of ergonomics is to make the workplace a safer, more efficient and healthier place to be. Coming up with solutions to problems can be challenging, frustrating but also a lot of fun. If you want to expand your arsenal of ideas, learn a few new tricks and be able to help out your clients then our ergonomic solutions series is just what you need.

Not only will we show you some really interesting solutions to ergonomic problems in the workplace, we will also help you unlock your creative problem solving genius. We’ll take you out of linear thinking mode and have you exploding with possibilities. Read more.