Exam Preparation

Meeting the Exam Challenge

The Kinesiology Entrance to Practice Exam is designed to test whether you are ready for independent professional practice. Most Kinesiology graduates have good knowledge of anatomy, physiology, exercise…etc. but need help with the professional practice components. That’s where Kin Advantage’s course steps in to give you a boost. Our interactive course will help to take you from student to professional and meet the challenge of demonstrating that you can safely, competently and ethically treat clients/patients on your own.

Problem Solving

Case studies examples drawn from actual practice will be used to provide real-world understanding and highlight problem-solving. Using a teaching formula that uses short lectures, followed by case studies/role-playing, and a group debrief we will help you learn how to find and answer the professional challenges faced in each scenario.

Learning ‘The Rules’

There are a number of pieces of legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines-‘The Rules’- that a Kinesiologist must adhere to when practicing.  Learning them is not just about knowing what they are, but how to apply them in everyday practice.

To pass the exam you need to demonstrate that you can apply the rules in complex and difficult situations. The ‘rules” are woven into all our case studies so you can become adept at applying –‘The Rules’.

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Kinesiology Exam Preparation

What you will learn and experience?

  • Interviewing and consent – What’s informed consent and what am are you allowed to ask and communicate?
  • How do you take care of a client’s medical information?
  • What do you need to know about infection control, drugs, and other safe practices?
  • What are the client’s rights and how do you protect them?
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with clients, insurers, case managers, and other health professionals.
  • What are and how do I handle conflicts of interest?
  • What are your obligations in terms of client safety, privacy and advocacy?
  • Real world examples from clinical assessments, cardiac rehabilitation, ergonomics, musculoskeletal injury, insurance, etc. will round out your academic knowledge.

Upcoming Course Dates

Join us for this 3 day course taught by a professional expert. Ms. Glenn will lead you through an interactive program designed to cover the core competencies tested on the entry to practice examination. Short lectures followed by case study role-playing with personal coaching and then group debriefing over the duration of the course make this a powerful learning experience. Coaching will be provided by Ms. Glenn and other senior guest members of the Kinesiology community.

In addition to learning what you need in preparation for the Kinesiology exam get a chance to talk to Registered Kinesiologists during our breaks and hear about opportunities in the profession. We look forward to helping you on your journey to becoming a successful Registered Kinesiologist.

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Kinesiology Exam Preparation Course

Cancellations/Substitutions Policy:

A full refund will be provided for cancellations up to 7 days prior to the seminar. Late cancellations will be subject to a $50 fee. Non-attendance does not constitute an official cancellation and no refund will be forthcoming.

Substitutions are permitted up to and including the day of the seminar. Enrolment will be limited to ensure ample opportunity for full participation of registrants.

Comments about Course and Presenter

“Finally, a course that has been highly lacking. Thorough and well informed instructor.”

“It’s about time someone taught a course like this.”

“The main thing I look for in a course is the “use-ability” of the material (i.e. when I leave can I use the material in the real world.) This course is a 10/10 for that quality.”