Small Business Startup for Entrepreneurial Health Professionals

September 14, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Healthcare businesses are proliferating in today’s market. At no other time has there been a greater demand and need for our services. You’ve got a business or maybe want to start one. There’s lots of information on the how to, but you still aren’t sure how to get started or get that business to grow. Kin Advantage’s small business workshop will give you a plan of action that catapults you forward professionally.

Instead of starting with the how, we start with the why. Why did you want to be a health professional? What are you really passionate about that motivates you?  With this as our beginning we take you through an informative and strategic business planning process based on the Canadian Management Association’s planning model. It’s a planning process that’s about action and execution.

While planning we will discuss the three pillars of a solid business: marketing and sales, leadership and management, and the obligations (legal and financial). Join us for this one-day seminar for new and not so new entrepreneurs. Let us help you grow a vibrant healthcare business.