Everything But Office Ergonomic Course

May 25, 2018

Kingston, Ontario

While most of the ergonomic work being done today is without a doubt in office environments, there are still a vast array of other types of work that would benefit from an ergonomic approach. Join us for a full day of skill building. During this course we cover assessment procedures and analysis tools that are suited for non-office environments. Decide what level of analysis you need for the job – qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative.  Learn how to properly use tools such as NIOSH, RULA, and REBA.

Time will also be spent learning about the impact of environmental factors such as light, noise, vibration, and air quality and temperature.  What flags these factors for greater consideration, testing, and intervention?

Our ‘Everything But’ course will conclude with a discuss on developing solutions for these environments.  Put your brain to work with some lateral thinking.  You’ll take away skills and ideas to help you expand your ergonomic practice and better assist your clients.