Communication Skills for the Health Professional

June 15, 2018

Ottawa, Ontario


Sensitive topics, difficult conversations, hard to ask questions, new concepts, population diversity, privacy, sensitivity, forms and reports are just a few of the things health professionals must master to have a successful practice. What underpins success is the ability to communicate.

In our Kin Advantage course we’ll identify your communication style. Then, you’ll learn how to have effective verbal interactions whether it’s interviewing, providing treatment, coaching or educating.  We’ll teach you how to establish a rapport, find out what clients want and need, listen for conversational cues, ask good questions, give good feedback, deal with difficult behavior, and say the same thing many different ways.

Reading and writing reports means you sometimes need to be a mind reader and word wizard. In our writing section we’ll teach you how to read between the lines and write so that the reader is on the same page as you. During this much quieter part of the day you’ll develop your skills by writing, reading and editing your work and the work of fellow attendees.

So come spend the day having a conversation with our facilitators and writing notes to your classmates while you improve your ability to communicate. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, and training in advocacy, negotiation, mediation and effective writing we can help you develop the skills you need to understand your client and have them understand you.