About Us

Our goal is to give you an ‘advantage’. Whether it’s passing the entry to practice exam, or learning and improving on your ergonomic and clinical skills we give you what you need – concrete, real world education and training to help you. Our courses combine the ‘how to’ with the theoretical with examples and advice from experienced professionals. Gain from the benefits of our experience in rehabilitation, case management, ergonomics, health and safety, wellness and politics. Yes…politics, or how to work with and advocate for others.

One of the root meanings of education from the latin is ‘to raise up’. Unlike other educators we do not seek to simply tell you or train you but rather to raise you up. We do this by first providing great foundational information and then by giving it context and meaning.  We won’t ask you to absorb, but rather to sift and mine the information for the grains and nuggets that will provide you and your future clients/patients benefit.

We, ourselves continue to learn and believe that knowledge comes from many sources. Our information comes from  prominent researchers in many areas; from a variety of health professionals; from health and safety and engineering experts; from communication, education and mediation specialists; and from the people we have had the privilege and pleasure of helping through the years.  Achieve more- come learn with us.

The KinAdvantage – Education at your finger tips in ergonomics, kinesiology, rehabilitation and related topics.

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